Windows® & Server

windowsWe’ve ‘grown up’ with the developing Windows … yes we cut our Windows teeth on what was called ‘Windows for Workgroups’ also known as Windows 3.11 some 20 years ago! Rather than an operating system (O/S) as it is now, this was actually an App running on top of an O/S called MSDOS. I’m sure Bill Gates would agree that with the arrival of XP, Windows came of age … an operating system still used by many, but which has now reached its ‘sell-by’ date of April 2014 … and is now unsupported by Microsoft.

With the advent of Windows Server we were one of the first to move users from the ubiquitous Novell Netware … the networking software of choice at the time. As we’ve always worked in the SMB/SME environment our offering and expertise has always been centred on the Small Business Server software as it represented fantastic value for money. Unfortunately, with Microsoft’s drive to push all new entrants to their part of the Cloud, Small Business Server has been shelved for an ‘almost vanilla’ offering of Windows Server 2012 R2 called Essentials. This is now our ‘first server’ offering and still represent good value for money.

We’re here to help with …

  • Installation & configuration
  • XP migration & replacement
  • Integration with existing infrastructure
  • Application installation & configuration
  • Remote management
  • Remote access & Sharepoint
  • Device management
  • Routers, switches, Wi-Fi, workgroups
  • Printer set-up & sharing
  • Document sharing