The end is nigh (RIP XP?)

So here it is … the final quarter of a year before Microsoft turns off the support tap on Windows XP … arguably one of their most successful versions of Windows to date.  Needless to say Microsoft have been cajoling their favoured corporate clients to move to XP for over a year now, as these large scale migrations take this type of timescale, but what about our clients?

It is true to say that most of our systems management clients still have a number of production XP PC’s … some of which were even bought, against our advice, after the end of ‘official’ XP sales and the advent of Windows 7!

We advise a pragmatic solution to the problem as there is still time for an SME to get their house in order.

  • Where the XP PC has reached its ‘sell by’ date we would advocate purchase of new 64bit PC based on Windows 8.1 rather than waste time and money considering an O/S only upgrade.  The XP will have, by now, been all but written off in accounting terms and the cost of new hardware will be extremely cost effective.
  • For XP PC’s where there is a good reason to keep ‘as is’ … for example legacy applications which haven’t been updated to run on later versions of Windows, we would recommend that after End of Support (EoS) the XP PC is no longer Internet facing so that when the first XP vulnerability is found after EoS the XP PC can’t be mercilessly hunted down by Internet criminals.

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